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“Energy, sincerity, clarity of vision, creativity” ~ Celebrating Dan Eldon’s Birthday

“Dan Eldon was born in London in 1970 and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. After Studying in America and leading safaris in Africa, he traveled as a photojournalist for Reuters. His photographs of Somalia’s brutal famine helped trigger an outpouring of international aid. Eldon was stoned to death in 1993 by a Somali mob reacting against UN bombing.” –The Journey Is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon

Dan Eldon–photojournalist, explorer, artist, lover, empathizer and human being extraordinaire–would have turned forty two today, had he not been stoned to death at the age of 22. He is a rethinked…* favorite and a personal hero. He is a source of inspiration, courage and faith in the glory of the universe and mankind. His work, life and beliefs have touched and changed the lives of countless people across the world. Join us as we pay homage to his life and celebrate his legacy.

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Find out about Creative Visions Foundation ~ Inspired by the life of Dan Eldon, a young Reuters photojournalist killed in Somalia in 1993, Creative Visions Foundation ignites the creative spark within all of us to make a positive difference. We provide tools, resources, mentorship and community to help everyone use the power of media and arts to build social movements and impact the world.

And enjoy these pages photographed from Eldon, Kathy, ed.  The Journey is The Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1997.


“At 22, Dan Eldon was the youngest Reuters photojournalist ever. He had traveled four continents, led expeditions across Africa, worked as a graphic designer for a New York magazine, published a book, and made a short film. He knew women; knew art; knew war. And privately, he had documented and transformed it all in his journals: seventeen mesmerizing notebooks of photographs, words, paint, ink, and oddments collected in the course of his travels. Three-dimensional creations, many pages include panels, folds, and flaps; experiences and thoughts amassed layer upon layer. The Journey Is the Destination reproduces a selection of pages from the journals, the legacy of a young artist killed while the full scope of his creative powers were just beginning to be known to himself and others.”

“Adventurer, artist, relief worker, and journalist, Dan Eldon sets an admirable example of how to be young, human, and alive. The Journey is the Destination is a book of art and a young man’s life, but mostly it is a book about the art of life.”

Deziree Safaris

Team Deziree “free at last” Voyages–The Search for clean water in a swamp

“Energy, sincerity, clarity of vision, creativity”

Mission statement for… Safari as a Way of LIfe.

“To explore the unknown and the familiar, distant and near, and to record in detail with the eyes of a child, any beauty, (of the flesh or otherwise) horror, irony, traces of utopia, or Hell. Select your team with care, but when in doubt, take on some new crew and give them a chance. But avoid at all costs fluctuations of sincerity with your best people.”

Note: There is little difference between being, being lost and exploring. Create. Avoid easting nasty food when the taste can easily be improved by sauces. It is foolish and hazardous not to dance in Africa. Sauces and clean water.

It is therapeutic to apply a well toned, beautiful naked body onto one’s own flesh at least twice a day in tropical or non tropical climes.

~look for solutions-not problems.~ The most important point of vehicle maintenance is clean windows. So if you are broken down, you will enjoy the beauty of the view. Also, ensure that electronic devices to play music are properly serviced. The more music you like, the happier you will be.”


New York on 50 Brain Cells a Day. a guide book.

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