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Organization, Planning [ passion ], and Capturing [ delta ] in Our Lives

I have joined Dominic in his interest in mapping “change over time”  (Δ) in our lives as a way of moving past failures and reflecting on growth, and it’s been something I have thought deeply about over the course of the past year.

This is why I was extremely excited when I discovered the passion planner, a design project by Angelia Trinidad to develop a daily planner that helps people when they are feeling lost. It is a combination of functionality and reflection, and a beautiful way to stay organized and focused.

Angelia explains it as a tool “to make people’s passions a priority, It is an all-in-one weekly appointment calendar, journal, goal setting guide, and to-do list log integrated in one notebook. What I like to call a life coach that fits in your backpack.”  The planner is designed to enable goal setting at a variety of levels (for the year, for the month, for the week), and then breaks your goals down into actionable parts. It includes a yearly goal setting guide, inspirational quotes, and writing space for brainstorming, drawing, or journaling each week.

In her 2013 Kickstarter, she raised over 48K for her planner. The Kickstarter video below illustrates her philosophy and the functionality of the planner:


I love that she includes a guide to goal setting. I often get boggled down in the details of everything, and a planner that asks me to take a macro-level look at things is definitely something I could use.

My one criticism is that this is only available as a real-life book planner, and I think it should go digital for a number of reasons. She could develop a google chrome extension app that could sync across devices and have the exact same layout. As an avid google calendar user, I would LOVE something like this that would sync with my calendar and exist online. Additionally, if we want to track Δ, computers have a great talent at consolidating information and presenting it in a way that lets us see change. For example, a computer version could take all of your “week’s focus” text and combine it in a way to let you see how your focus ebbed and flowed. It could combine all of your doodles. It could ask you to reflect on how different weeks helped you reach your more long-term goals.

More importantly, I’d love to put something like this in the hands of students. But how devastating would it be when one of them inevitably loses the planner and with it all of their valuable data and passions.

Despite the old fashioned pen-and-paper style (which I’m sure many others find to be a plus), I knew I needed to have one.  I ordered mine last week, but they are already on backorder so I likely won’t receive it until some time in February. However, I highly suggest you get one too! While you are waiting, she’s provided downloadable pdfs of the planner pages, so you can try it out for a week [or more] here.

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