@rethinkedteam is back up!

Aaaand we’re back! Received an email from Twitter a couple hours ago telling us our account had been falsely picked up by a spam cloud and has been restored. Not gonna lie, getting our Twitter account back felt somewhat like reuniting with a beloved pet after a long vacation.

We’re still sharing our makeshift twitter stream (a little out of protest for being silenced for 4 days but mostly because we love the idea). As you’ll see by the links below, our journey through cyberspace took us through dense design thinking territory before veering off to cats and drag queens.

Design Thinking to Help Reverse a Difficult Deformity Find out how a team of d.school students have channeled Design Thinking to rethink and redesign braces for Clubfoot children in the developing world. via SmartPlanet 2012

To Design is to Understand Uncertainty James Self explores uncertainty and what contributions it can make to design activity and design thinking. via Core77, August 2012

Eddie Opara on Design Thinking via Design Thinking Foundations. 2012

Jon Kolko On Design Thinking via Design Thinking Foundations, 2012

Jon Kolko on Design Thinking vs. Design Doing via Design Thinking Foundations, 2012

Redesigning Cape Town ~ An interview with Richard Perez, the industrial design engineer responsible for nurturing and using design thinking in Cape Town, which has officially accepted the title of World Design Capital 2014.

Photographer Captures the Two Faces of Drag queens via Design Taxi August 2, 2012. Check out Leland Bobbé‘s portrait photographs of drag queens in half drag in his series ‘I mezzi drag di’ for Vogue Italy. Bobbé’s work seeks to explore the concept of contemporary queer and sexuality.

A Sofa with a Built-In Tunnel for Cats ~ via Design Taxi, 2012 *…self explanatory…*

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