Miss our Twitter Handle? So Do We…


You may have noticed that our twitter handle @rethinkEDteam has been down since this past Friday. Twitter has suspended our account, although after reviewing all of their rules and regulations we can’t seem to figure out why; looks like it just got accidentally picked up in a spam cloud. We’ve emailed Twitter and raised a support ticket several times, but so far to no avail…

Because were obsessive when it comes to the sharing of good ideas and because curating rocks our socks, we’ll be posting, here on the blog, 5-10 links to the most gloriously interesting things we come across each day as a sort of makeshift Twitter until we get ours back.

Until this gets sorted out, you can always connect with us via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or email: elsa@rethinked.org.

We would love to hear your experiences with suspended Twitter accounts, if you’ve had any, and how you went about resolving the issue quickly.

Finally, Twitter, if you’re listening….your customer service system is archaic. Get it rethinked…*


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  1. jshurd4,

    My account was suspended, too! What gives?

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