Toni Morrison On Constructing Books As What Ifs …*

Toni Morrison On Constructing Books As What Ifs ...*  |

I always start out with an idea, even a boring idea, that becomes a question I don’t have any answers to.

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No, I know how I feel. My feelings are the result of prejudices and convictions like everybody else’s. But I am interested in the complexity, the vulnerability of an idea. It is not “this is what I believe,” because that would not be a book, just a tract. A book is “this may be what I believe, but suppose I am wrong . . . what could it be?” Or, “I don’t know what it is, but I am interested in finding out what it might mean to me, as well as to other people.” – Toni Morrison

Source: Toni Morrison, The Art of Fiction No. 134 via The Paris Review, published

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