The Moxie Institute’s “Cloud Filmmaking” & The Science of Character ~ Let It Ripple Series

I recently came across the trailer for the The Moxie Institute’s upcoming film, due out this winter, The Science of Character, for which Dominic acted as an advisor. For those unfamiliar with The Moxie Institute, it is the brainchild of filmmaker & founder of the Webby Awards, Tiffany Shlain, and UC Berkeley robotics professor and artist Ken Goldberg. The Moxie Institute team is pioneering a new form of collaborative filmmaking, “Cloud Filmmaking”, through its series Let It Ripple: Mobile Films For Global Change.

 Cloud Filmmaking By The Moxie Institute  | Published

The Cloud Filmmaking Manifesto by Tiffany Shlain & The Moxie Institute

The 5 Principles of Cloud Filmmaking

  1. To use the cloud to collaboratively create films with people from all over the world.
  2. To create films about ideas that speak to the most universal qualities of human life, focusing on what connects us, rather than what divides us.
  3. To give back as much as is received, by offering free customized films to organizations around the world to further their message.
  4. To use the cloud to translate films into as many languages as possible.
  5. To push the boundaries of both filmmaking and distribution by combining the newest collaborative tools available online with the potential of all the people in the world.

There have been three Let it Ripple films to date, with the fourth, The Science of Character, due out this winter. The Science of Character explores why character matters. Can you shape who you are? Who you will become? New research suggests that you can — that we can teach and shape character strengths (things like optimism, self-control, and curiosity). So if you can build your character, who do you want to be? 

The Science of Character – Film Trailer | published October 9, 2013.


To tie you over until The Science of Character is released, here is Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks, the second film in the Let It Ripple series, which  is a 10-minute film and accompanying TED Book. Based on new research on how to best nurture children’s brains from Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child and University of Washington’s I-LABS, the film explores the parallels between a child’s brain development and the development of the global brain of Internet, offering insights into the best ways to shape both. Made through a new crowd-sourcing creativity process the Moxie team calls “Cloud Filmmaking,” Brain Power was created by putting into action the very ideas that the film is exploring: the connections between neurons, networks, and people around the world. 

BRAIN POWER: From Neurons to Networks | published November 5, 2013.

I highly encourage you to head over to and explore further the principles of Cloud Filmmaking, the Moxie Institute’s other films in the series and the inspiration and stories behind the movement, and, of course, ways to get involved. Enjoy this fascinating and brilliant rethinking …* of the potential of storytelling and filmmaking in the interdependent age.

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