Friday Link Fest {December 14 -21, 2012}

Friday Link Fest {December 14 -21, 2012} (Photograph by Elsa Fridman)

An enchanted tree grows in Brooklyn…*


The Power of Concentration ~ Mindfulness may have a prophylactic effect: it can strengthen the areas that are most susceptible to cognitive decline. via The New York Times, published December 15, 2012.

Meet Migaloo, World’s First “Archaeology Dog” ~ Australian dog trainer Gary Jackson of Multinational K9 has trained a black lab mix named Migaloo as the world’s first “archaeology dog,” able to locate bones that are hundreds of years old. via National Geographic, published December 10, 2012.

Creativity Happens When You Least Expect It ~ When you have to be creative, working at your non-optimal time of day may actually be optimal. via The Creativity Post, published December 7, 2012.

A Conversation with S. Matthew Liao: Studying Ethical Questions as the Brain’s Black Box Is Unlocked ~ In a world of proliferating professions, S. Matthew Liao has a singular title: neuroethicist. Dr. Liao, 40, the director of the bioethics program at New York University, deploys the tools of philosophy, history, psychology, religion and ethics to understand the impact of neuroscientific breakthroughs. via The New York Times, published December 17, 2012.

The New Nonprofit Is Transparent, Open, And Engaged ~ Beth Kanter, whose blog is a clearinghouse for information on how organizations can use new technology for good, is rethinking…* how a nonprofit acts in the digital world. via FastCo.Exist, published December 12, 2012.



What Architecture Has to Say About Education: Three New Hampshire Schools by HMFH Architects ~ How can architecture help children develop the early skills, creativity and inquisitiveness needed to become the independent and inspired adults of future generations? via Arch Daily, published December 18, 2012.

(via HMFHArch on Youtube, published November 29, 2012)

Jennifer Aaker: What Makes Us Happy? ~  via Stanford Business on Youtube. Published November 29, 2012.


Beetbox: a Musical Instrument Powered by Vegetables by Scott Garner ~ Conceived as an exploration of perspective and expectations by American designer Scott Garner, ‘Beetbox’ is an instrument that allows users to play drum beats by interacting with vegetables. powered by a raspberry Pi with a capacitive touch sensor and  an audio amplifier in a handmade wooden enclosure via Design Boom, published December 18, 2012.

(BeetBox from Scott Garner on Vimeo.)


A Table that Folds Out Like a Map ~ Swedish designers Sigrid Stromgren’s and Sanna Lindström’s collaborative work, the Grand Central Table. via Lost At E Minor, published December 17, 2012.

The Noun Project: Using Iconic Design Tools for Social Change ~ The Noun Project, a platform for creating and sharing a global symbolic language, hosts a library of ever-growing and iterating icons on their site that anybody can access, use, and contribute to. via GOOD, published December 16, 2012.

Brooklyn-Made Furniture Built From Sandy’s Scraps ~ Reclaim NYC invites local artists and designers to create furniture using material reclaimed from storm cleanup sites, then auctions off the work to benefit Sandy relief efforts. “We hope our fallen trees and storm-damaged building materials can be reborn as objects that represent the city’s recovery,” write the group’s founders. On December 19, Reclaim NYC will host its first auction, with work made by 24 artists and designers. via FastCo.Design, published December 14, 2012.

LEGO House by James May in the UK ~ via Design Milk, published September 1, 2009.

NASA’s New Spacesuit Looks Just Like Buzz Lightyear’s ~ via Design Taxi, published December 22, 2012.

A Behind the Scenes Look at How Hobbit Legos are Made ~ The extensive design required for producing specialized Legos, like the ones for “Star Wars” or this year’s “The Hobbit,” requires months of engineering. A behind-the-scenes look at the design and production process. via the Wall Street Journal, published December 19, 2012.

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