1st Grade Inventor Design Project

In this video, our first grade class presents the results of weeks of work, studying and thinking about inventors and thinkers.  We looked at how and why inventions were made, what inspired the inventors and discovered a common thread – their inventions solved problems.  The students were challenged to think about a problem they wanted to solve and what they might invent to help them solve that problem.  We used basic recyclable materials, craft supplies and a lot of imagination to create a multitude of inventions.

We also looked at the character of inventors, and what qualities they had to possess in order to achieve their goals.  They showed grit, self-control and dedication, amongst others.  Our inventors certainly showed those qualities as well.


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  1. Deborah Sherman,

    It was a wonderful experience to have the children create their inventions in the art studio. I enjoyed working on the project that connected our sculptural exploration with the classroom study of inventors.

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