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Day 19/12/2013

Tina Roth Eisenberg on Living the Creatively Courageous Life …*

Tina Roth Eisenberg on Living the Creatively Courageous Life ...* |


“Life is all about the people you meet and what you make with them.”

“So many good things have come out of collaborating. Just the amount you learn from each other and the things you can build when you find likeminded people with complimenting skills.”

“I think inspiration comes from being aware of even the most mundane things, like how a teabag seeps into the napkin you just placed it on. You might see a pattern, or just beauty in it, and that gives you an idea. If you narrow it down, it’s life. It’s being a curious person. That, in the end, is all the inspiration you need.”

“If I’m aiming to do one thing, it’s to have one set of values that I can apply both at work and at home, because at the end of the day, work and home—you’re just being you.”

“Creativity, to me, means not shying away. I have this personal rule, if I’m afraid of something, I really need to do it, because that means that I will learn a lot from it. That’s what I live for. I live for that feeling that I’ve dared, I’ve tried something new, and I’ve learned something new.”

“I think my biggest life lesson is that generosity always pays off; generosity of spirit, attention or time.”


Head over to PSFK to read the complete interview and delight in Tina’s brilliant insights on living the creatively courageous life.

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[ Source:Why Confronting Deep Fears Is Essential To Creativity via PSFK’s Free Radicals Series  ]

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