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Day 21/11/2013

“Why do we assume that kids’ socializing & play is not a side of learning?” Mimi Ito On the Need For Formal & Informal Learning To Work Together In A Much More Coordinated Way

“So my question is this: why do we assume that kids socializing and play is not a side of learning? And on the flip side, why do we assume that schools can’t have a spirit of entertainment and play as part of what they’re doing?”  – Mimi Ito

After conducting a three year study on kids’ new media practices, Mimi Ito, research director of Digital Media and Learning Hub at UCHRI, challenges us to rethink …* our assumptions about the opportunities for learning that social media spaces create, often providing opportunities to foster kids’ intellectual development, their civic engagement and their personal development in really important ways. Ito urges us, as educators and parents, to embrace and find ways to proactively engage kids in these “messing around, geeking out spaces”.

Mimi Ito On Learning In Social Media Spaces (Big Thinkers Series) | via Edutopia, published October 12, 2013.

Speaking of the potential of play for learning, be sure to tune in to Fast Company’s live Q&A with Katie Salen tomorrow (Friday, November 22, 2013) at 12 pm Eastern Time.

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