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Day 13/03/2013

Stuart Brown on the Importance of Play…*

“I would encourage you all to engage not in the work/play differential, where you set aside time to play, but where your life becomes infused minute by minute, hour by hour, with body, object, social, fantasy, transformational kinds of play. And I think you’ll have a better and more empowered life.”


Enjoy this delightful TED talk from 2008 in which pioneer in research on play and founder of The National Institute For Play, Dr. Stuart Brown, details the importance of play. While many are quick to dismiss play as a childhood luxury, Brown argues that play, in its various patterns (i.e. social play, body play, object play, fantasy play…), effects a crucial role on myriad aspects of our well-being and general experience of the world, regardless of our age. From trust, problem-solving, adaptability to empowerment, play is a critical function of a happy, healthy and engaged life. Brown urges us to rethink…* the role of play in our lives, from a pigeon-holed niche activity to a notion of play as transformational force embedded in the very fabric of our lives.

What’s one thing you can put into practice today to infuse your life with more play? Brown recommends taking an honest and in-depth look at your own individual personal ‘play history’, which he believes is the basis of our unique passions and inner drive. “What I would encourage you on an individual level to do, is to explore backwards as far as you can go to the most clear, joyful, playful image that you have–whether it’s with a toy or on a birthday, or on a vacation. And begin to build from the motion of that into how that connects with your life now and you’ll find you may change jobs, which has happened to a number of people when I’ve had them do this in order to be more empowered through their play. Or you’ll be able to enrich your life by prioritizing it and paying attention to it.”

play & rethink…*

Stuart Brown: Play is More than Fun published on TED, FILMED MAY 2008 | POSTED MAR 2009

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