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Day 01/02/2013

Friday Link Fest…*


Empathy: the Key to Social and Emotional Learning ~ via Mind Shift, published January 30, 2013.

Three Ways Entrepreneurship Is Changing for the Better ~ It’s becoming more global, it’s opening up for women and it’s merging with design thinking.  via Forbes, published January 29, 2013.

The gift of ideas, is the curse of doing nothing ~ via The Laws of Simplicity, published January 27, 2013.

Could Good Type Design Promote Literacy In The Middle East? via FastCo.Design, published January 30, 2013.

Eight Brilliant Minds on the Future of Online Education ~ via Harvard Business Review, published January 29, 2013

Flies in Urinals: The Value of Design Disruptions ~ Crafting design solutions that influence behavior. via Design Observer, published May 1, 2012

How Design Thinking Could Help Solve the Skills Gap ~ via Good, published January 28, 2013

Levi’s, RISD Collaborate on Sustainable-Design Education via Ecouterre, published January 28, 2013

A More Resilient Species ~ Self-directed play nourishes the human spirit & helps develop resilience, independence & resourcefulness. via The Creativity Post, published January 27, 2013


New Paris Travel Posters Focus on Moments Over Monuments ~ Rethinking…* the travel poster: Inviting the viewer to ‘Come Do’ something instead of to ‘Come See’ via My Modern Met, published January 29, 2013

This Clever Resume That Looks Like an Amazon Page Is So Good I Would Buy It ~ via Gizmodo, published January 26, 2013

Kids test answers that are so wrong, they’re right ~ via Lost At E Minor, published January 25, 2013

This is how far we’ve driven on other worlds ~ via io9,  published January 24, 2013

Beautiful Toy Models Of Nuclear Power Plants And Factory Farms ~ A set of toys designed to more accurately reflect the construction projects that fill cities today via FastCoDesign, published January 25, 2013

Iceland Electrical Towers Get Turned Into ‘Giants’ ~ Choi + Shine: ‘The Land Of Giants’. via Design Taxi, published January 22, 2013


A Bird Ballet: Thousands of Birds Dance in the Sky via Colossal, published January 28, 2013

The Hidden Chairs by Ibride ~ furniture that doubles as visual puzzle. via Dezeen, published January 28, 2013

A Smartphone Game That Tests Your Ability To Think In 3-D ~ Rotal by Binaura. via FastCo.Design, published January 25, 2013.

Zach Kopplin, Teen Anti-Creationism Crusader Fights For Science Education In Louisiana ~ via Huffington Post, published January 23, 2013



10 Places where anyone can learn to code ~ via TED, published January 29, 2013

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