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Day 23/01/2013

Go Forth & Learn, Knowmad: Two Great Resources For Hacking Design Thinking…*

Whether you’re a programmer, startup or average joe trying to make your everyday more human-centered and empowering (i.e. yours truly), Startups, This Is How Design Works created by Wells Riley, product designer at Kicksend, and Hack Design, a co-creation by Riley, Alex Baldwin, Kevin Xu and Larry Buchanan, are treasure troves of resources and starting points to further your exploration of design. Created as platforms to establish a common language between designers and entrepreneurs and programmers respectively, these two websites break down the ‘grammar’ of design and give you the tools to adapt this grammar to the language(s) of your own discipline(s). Both websites are packed with curated resources, interactive content and tangible takeaways to get you started right away. So without further ado, go forth and learn, knowmad.


Companies like Apple are making design impossible for startups to ignore. Startups like Path,AirbnbSquare, and Massive Health have design at the core of their business, and they’re doing phenomenal work. But what is ‘design’ actually? Is it a logo? A WordPress theme? An innovative UI?  It’s so much more than that. It’s a state of mind. It’s an approach to a problem. It’s how you’re going to kick your competitor’s ass. This handy guide will help you understand design and provide resources to help you find awesome design talent.


Go Forth & Learn, Knowmad: Two Great Resources For Hacking Design Thinking…*




We know tons of hackers. They’re the modern-day Renaissance men and women who love to learn, explore, build, and take things apart. A hacker can make software do anything. We know design can seem nuanced, subjective, and inaccessible sometimes, but we’re working on this project to help change that. We’ve asked some of the world’s best designers to help us curate the best and most useful blogs, books, games, videos, and tutorials that helped them learn critical elements of design. We’re organizing them all into a digestable and iterative lesson plan so you can apply this knowledge to your own projects.

Go Forth & Learn, Knowmad: Two Great Resources For Hacking Design Thinking…*



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