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Day 22/01/2013

Mitch Resnick, Head of MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten Group, on Coding To Learn…*

Mitch Resnick, head of  the  Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT’s Media Lab, rethinks and expands the notion of ‘fluency’ in today’s digital landscape. Resnick observes that while young people are very comfortable ‘reading’ new technologies, very few of them have the ability to ‘write’ in new technologies. Resnick makes the claim that computer programming, far from being only useful to those who intend to become computer scientists or programmers, is beneficial to everyone, from young children learning to code using MIT’s Scratch–a programming language that is easy (and enjoyable!) to learn–to Resnick’s own 83 year old mother. Resnick makes a powerful analogy between learning to read which allows one to read to learn and learning to code, which, according to Resnick, allows one to then code to learn: “we become fluent in reading and writing. It’s not something that you’re doing just to become a professional writer, very few people will become professional writers, but it’s useful for everybody to learn how to read and write. Same thing with coding: most people won’t grow up to become professional computer scientists or programmers but those skills of thinking creatively, reasoning systematically, working collaboratively–skills you develop when you code in Scratch–are things that people can use no matter what they’re doing in their work lives. ”

 Enjoy & rethink…*

Reading, Writing, And Programming: Mitch Resnick At TEDXBeaconStreet

(TEDXTalks via YouTube, published January 17, 2013)


 Kids should learn programming as well as reading and writing {Boing Boing}


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