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Day 15/11/2012

What Is Design?

“You can think of the tacit knowledge that’s harnessed by design and process—the learning by doing part of it—as a little bit like an iceberg. And if you think about the human mind, most of what we do is subconscious. The power that we learn to be explicit with, in academic environments in particular—the conscious mind—is a very small proportion of what we really can use: our intuition, our ability to feel, our ability to understand without being able to explain—all of those things are relatively subjective and subconscious. And what design does is to harness those attributes in the process. It’s a little like the bit of the iceberg that sticks out of the water being the conscious mind, whereas that huge mass underneath the water is the equivalent of the subconscious mind. And we want to use the whole thing.”  – Bill Moggridge

The late Bill Moggridge speaking to K-12 Educators from New York and across the country, addresses the question of ‘What is Design?’

(via CooperHewitt on YouTube, published Aug 4, 2010)




Continue your exploration of design with this new, open-source, design thinking (although you won’t see it described as such) toolkit, made available today by Frog DesignThe Collective Action Toolkit (CAT) ~ A resource for Changemakers:

“The Collective Action Toolkit (CAT) is a package of resources and activities that enable groups of people anywhere to organize, build trust, and collaboratively create solutions for problems impacting their community. The toolkit provides a dynamic framework that integrates knowledge and action to solve challenges. Designed to harness the benefits of group action and the power of open sharing, the activities draw on each participant’s strengths and perspectives as the group works to accomplish a common goal.”

The 72 page toolkit can be downloaded free of charge here.

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