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Day 12/10/2012

Migration Routes: Rethinked’s Editorial Calendar

“I have a compulsion to wander and a compulsion to return—a homing instinct like a migrating bird. True nomads have no fixed home as such; they compensate for this by following unalterable paths of migration.” –Bruce Chatwin, The Nomadic Alternative

{k}no{w}mad is a concept at the core of our identity. We have no offices or contained spaces; we seek to inhabit the moment, finding shelter in ideas, other people and the wonder all around us. As true nomads, our paths of migration, wherever they may take us, always lead us through similar terrains: design, learning, aesthetics, ethics and creativity to name a few. This is why we have established several recurring editorial columns: to highlight new discoveries along our ongoing journeys through various, continually evolving but unalterable obsessions.

…* Daily  (Every day)

Daily rethinking inspiration: Quotes, images, videos or articles that inspired us to question assumptions and experience the ordinary in a slightly different way.

Friday Link Fest (Every Friday)

Your weekly dose of whimsy, inspiration and rethinking material: we bring you the most Rethinked…* worthy articles, talks, videos and images that we shared across our social media platforms during the week.

Rethinked*annex (Every Thursday)

Updates on Elsa Fridman’s adventures and discoveries as she attempts to live out and integrate ideas from design thinking, positive psychology & integrative thinking into her every day.

RethinkED: (Once a week)

Updates on Rethinked’s…* work with the Riverdale Country School.

Teachers & Design: (Every other Wednesday)

Carmen James examines various ways in which to develop creative confidence and accountability through discovery.

Friday Link Fest (October 5-12, 2012)



Digital Darkroom: Printing iPhone Photos Using Traditional Chemical Processes ~ Glorious…* Lincoln, UK-based photographer Adam Rhoades came up with an interesting way of printing digital photographs using analog darkroom processes. By mounting his iPhone (displaying a photo) onto a 35mm enlarger, he’s able to enlarge and focus his digital photograph on photo paper as if it were a negative being projected. via PetaPixel, published Oct 07, 2012.

The Patent, Used as a Sword ~ On how we went from protecting innovation to inhibiting it ~Alongside the impressive technological advances of the last two decades, a pall has descended: the marketplace for new ideas has been corrupted by software patents used as destructive weapons. via The New York Times, published October 7, 2012.

15 New Design Projects Helping Improve Life In NYC ~ Recharging Communities is the current exhibition by New York City based nonprofit, desigNYC. Now three years old, desigNYC has served as a matchmaker for NYC nonprofit organizations with community-focused design needs and creative firms looking to donate their services. The work is presented in two categories, Communications Design and Built Environment Design. The collaboration solutions draw from a wide range of design disciplines including UX, print, environmental graphics, interior design, architecture, and urban planning. The overall goal with each is to improve the lives of residents and visitors to New York City through community responsive design.via PSFK, published October 9, 2012.

The No. 1 Enemy of Creativity: Fear of Failure ~ Entrepreneurs and designers think of failure the way most people think of learning. via Harvard Business Review, published October 5, 2012.


Tiny Cameras Mounted to Birds Capture What Life is Like With Wings ~For nearly half a decade now, filmmaker John Downer has been pioneering the use of tiny cameras to capture photographs and videos from a bird’s-eye view — literally. He attaches extremely small and light HD cameras to the backs of birds in order to capture incredible point-of-view imagery of the animals going about their day-to-day lives. via PetaPixel.com, published Oct 07, 2012.

Imprint Culture Lab 2008: Kenya Hara Keynote Address ~ Kenya Hara on meaning and emptiness. via YouTube, published Jan 5, 2009.


Infographic: Mapping The 70-Year Gestation Of Street Art~ Daniel Feral is the creator of the eponymous Feral Diagram, a map that revises the role of graffiti and street art in the canon of modern art. From Feral’s perspective, graffiti and street art have been critical drivers of the art world for well nigh 40 years now. Framing them as “outsider art” is not only lazy, but incorrect. As an alternative, Feral has literally redrawn art history, showing how 1960s graffiti and street art emerged from major mainstream movements, from Pop Art and the Situationists to 1940s Art Brut. By way of looping arrows and signs, he also demonstrates how street art evolved, conceptually, alongside the likes of Gordon Matta-Clark and Jenny Holzer. And thankfully, Feral also parses out the boilerplate-in-their-own-right terms, “graffiti and street art,” into specific groups and movements, like Wildstyle and Otaku-tinged Childstyle. via FastCo.Design, published October 3, 2012.

Curious Upside-Down Portraits Showing the Stress of Unemployment ~ Spanish photographer Marc Vicens wanted to capture the stress and pain of the ongoing economic crisis, so he found a bunch of unemployed people and asked them to hang upside-down for right-side-up portraits. His goal of the series, titled “Hanging,” was to creatively portray the feeling of anxiety that dominates the daily life of these individuals. via PetaPixel, published Oct 10, 2012.

1,664 Reused Yoghurt Pots + Bucket Loads of Creativity = Stunning Light Installation ~ Named the MilkyWave, Aidia Studios’ light installation might sound strange but you only have to take one look to see how – with a touch of creativity – truly beautiful yoghurt pots can in fact be. Finding inspiration from the ceramic yogurt pot as a quintessential part of Chinese life and focusing upon the beauty found in redefining the way you view an otherwise everyday object, to say that Aidia studio are a talented bunch would be somewhat of an understatement. via It’s Nice That, published October 10, 2012


The Silent History ~The Silent History is a novel, written and designed specially for iPad and iPhone, that uses serialization, exploration, and collaboration to tell the story of a generation of unusual children. 6 months of daily smart & intriguing entertainment for $8.99? Yes, please! via TheSilentHistory.com.

Phone Story ~ As clever as it is depressing, Phone Story is a game for smartphone devices that attempts to provoke a critical reflection on its own technological platform. Under the shiny surface of our electronic gadgets, behind its polished interface, hides the product of a troubling supply chain that stretches across the globe. All of the revenues raised go directly to workers’ organizations and other non-profits that are working to stop the horrors represented in the game. via PhoneStory.org.

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