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Day 11/09/2012

Let’s talk about design thinking…*

For those of you keeping up with the rethinked*annex project, you know that September is dedicated to learning as much as I can about the design thinking process. Here are links to all the articles and talks I have encountered and found useful in my quest to become better acquainted with and more comfortable using the discipline. I am constantly updating our ‘Design Thinking‘ page’ so be sure to check in with us often.

What talks and articles have you found most useful in explaining the design thinking process? I would LOVE to hear your suggestions as I continue my research into the discipline.


Design Thinking for Scholars (DTFS) Webinar on Design Thinking for Scholars, held on June 20, 2012. Design Thinking for Scholars is an ongoing effort to develop and test a framework for challenge-based research. This is being driven by the efforts of the Network of Leadership Scholars, a community of practice affiliated with the Academy of Management (AOM.) This project builds on an existing product/process that has a shown initial success and potential.

Roger Martin on Design Thinking ~ Roger Martin, a leading proponent of design thinking in business, makes the case that we can understand innovation through a new model of how businesses advance knowledge over time, and that businesses fail to innovate when they show greater concern for producing reliable (predictable and reproducible) outcomes than valid ones that actually meet objectives. Martin argues that businesses can do a better job at innovating—and advancing knowledge—if they embrace design thinking. Using examples such as Procter & Gamble, RIM (BlackBerry) and Cirque du Soleil, he examines how companies transform themselves into successful design-thinking organizations. via AIGA Make/Think Conference, October 2009.

How To Lie With Design Thinking ~ Dan Saffer’s (hilarious) critique of Design Thinking at the Interaction Design Association Conference 2012.

Frameworks for Design Thinking Stanford Innovation Masters Series 2011

Eddie Opara on Design Thinking Design Thinking Foundations 2012

Jon Kolko on Design Thinking Design Thinking Foundations 2012

John Hockenberry: Why We Are All Designers TED 2012

Emily Piloton Teaching Design for Change TEDGlobal 2010

Tim Brown Urges Designers to Think Big TEDGlobal 2009

Tim Brown Tales of Creativity & Play Serious Play 2008

Tim Brown From Design to Design Thinking 2008

Design & Thinking: A Documentary About Design Thinking ~ Design Thinking was applied as a term and methodology by a design firm in 2008. It was received as a tool to solve every problem, from daily life decisions to business challenges to world hunger problems. Attention and debates followed; some insisted on design education in all K-12 schools, some declared it is just marketing tool for that firm, some hoped it would turn his company into Apple. Some said it’s nothing new, just a new packaging of how creative people do things.


Design Thinking and How It Will Change Management Education Roger Martin, dean of the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, is interviewed on the subject of ‘design thinking’—approaching managerial problems as designers approach design problems—and its potential impact on management education. Under a design-thinking paradigm, students would be encouraged to think broadly about problems, develop a deep understanding of users, and recognize the value in the contributions of others. In Martin’s view, the concept of design thinking can potentially address many of the criticisms currently being leveled at MBA programs. The interview is followed by a discussion and critique of the themes Martin raises. via Academy of Management, Learning & Education 2008

Demonstrating the Value of Design Thinking by Roger Martin and Jennifer Riel Difficult interactions between design teams and business leaders represent a big stumbling block in the development of breakthrough ideas. How often is innovation stopped short by number-crunchers who don’t understand the process of design or the insights afforded by it? And how often do business folks moan that designers lack even the most basic understanding of costs and strategy, of how to turn ideas into dollars? via Between: Journal of the Billy Blue College of Design, March 2010.

Your Start-Up Life: Design Your Thinking ~ 2012 Interview with Tim Brown via Huff Post: Business.

Why Decisions Need Design part I ~ More than anything else, the modern corporation has become a decision factory, observes Roger Martin. Find out how to be a great corporate decision designer by using Design Thinking mindset and methodology. via Bloomberg BusinessWeek Online’s Innovation Channel, August 2005

Why Decisions Need Design Part II ~ More than anything else, the modern corporation has become a decision factory, observes Roger Martin. Find out how to be a great corporate decision designer by using Design Thinking mindset and methodology. via Bloomberg BusinessWeek Online’s Innovation Channel, August 2005

Overthinking Design Thinking ~ by Jody Turner. ‘Recently Portland’s Design Management Institute conference (DMI) ended with a bang by asking a panel of experts, “Is Design Thinking Dead?” As I look over the conversation, it is clear that thinking is changing but not in large ways. It seems everything is getting abbreviated, perhaps because we are getting better at it, perhaps because we are tired of the hoopla. Either way, this review of the panel shows the range of considerations occurring in the design profession’. Fast Company August 2012

Design Thinking as A Leadership Toolkit ~ Observations on some ‘truths about the connection between design and leadership that emerged from ‘trying to contextualize design thinking as a leadership skill – to nurture leaders grounded in human needs, able to identify and formulate insightful problem statements, capable of generating rich and viable ideas, and the agility to pivot when things (inevitably) turn out different than you think.’ via Learning is Leading. August 2012

To Design is to Understand Uncertainty James Self explores uncertainty and what contributions it can make to design activity and design thinking. via Core77 August 2012

Tim Brown on Design Thinking ~ Thinking like a designer can transform the way you develop products, services, processes—and even strategy. Harvard Business Review 2008

Writing is Design Too The Atlantic July 26, 2012

“Design Thinking” Isn’t A Miracle Cure but Here’s How it Helps The term has come in for a lot of scorn. But it’s because we haven’t been clear about what it actually entails, argues Helen Walters. FastCo.Design 2011

Thinking About Design Thinking Find out why Fred Collopy grows “more bothered by the week with the phrase “design thinking.”” And why he thinks “it is an unfortunate term for describing what designers have to offer to other disciplines, which seems the most common reason for using the term. As is a way of talking about what designers can contribute to areas beyond the domains in which they have traditionally worked, about how they can improve the tasks of structuring interactions, organizations, strategies and societies, it is a weak term. FastCompany 2009

Design Thinking Battle–Managers Embrace Design Thinking, Designers Reject It ~ Bruce Nussbaum on “the clumsiness of the term Design Thinking” and the power of doing embedded in the discipline, “It is a way of thinking about doing on a strategically big scale–a new learning experience for all children, a better health-care experience for older people, a more honest political system for voters.” 2009

Design Thinking is a Failed Experiment. So what’s next? Bruce Nussbaum, one of design thinking’s biggest advocates, is moving on to something new. Here, he begins defining creative quotient. FastCompany 2011

Design Thinking…What Is That? The methodology commonly referred to as design thinking is a proven and repeatable problem-solving protocol that any business or profession can employ to achieve extraordinary results. Mark Dziersk, FastCompany 2006


Design Thinking to Help Reverse a Difficult Deformity Find out how a team of students have channeled Design Thinking to rethink and redesign braces for Clubfoot children in the developing world. via SmartPlanet 2012

Thoughts on the Design Thinking For Educators Workshop ~Insights and observations from a two day workshop on design thinking for educators

Classroom Redesign Videos ~ Watch as both 2nd and 5th grade Riverdale Country School students describe their classroom redesign projects and the reasons behind each of their ideas.

First Grade Inventor Projects~  In this video, a first grade class of Riverdale Country School students presents the results of weeks of work, studying and thinking about inventors and thinkers.  They looked at how and why inventions were made, what inspired the inventors and discovered a common thread – their inventions solved problems.  The students were challenged to think about a problem they wanted to solve and what they might invent to help them solve that problem.  We used basic recyclable materials, craft supplies and a lot of imagination to create a multitude of inventions.

Classroom Redesign ~ After gathering insights on how the students feel about their classroom, a Riverdale Country School class of elementary students comes together to explore a design challenge based around rethinking their classroom” “How Might We create a more comfortable classroom that promotes learning?” “How Might We create a classroom with more personal space?

Classroom Prototypes ~ After a full day of prototyping, our students are near completion. They spent a majority of Friday working in small groups to prototype one of three possibilities.  Groups focused on improving their classroom desks or chairs while other groups worked on creating a reading loft for the classroom.  Their creativity was amazing!  From built-in water bottles and pencil sharpeners to headphones for listening to laptops and teacher directions, the students truly embodied functionality and imagination with attention to saving space. Stay tuned for more pictures of completed prototypes.  Up next, feedback from current third grade students!

Prototypes Continued ~The students are almost finished with their designs and ready for end user feedback.


Design Thinking For Educators 

Design Thinking For Educators Workshop ~ Free Virtual course (7/30 – 8/31) offered in partnership between Edutopia, IDEO & Riverdale Country School

Design Thinking For Educators~ October Conference: Join IDEO, Riverdale Country School & Parsons School in NY for a two day Design Thinking For Educators workshop where you will learn and use the design thinking process, connect with other educators and have the opportunity to create a project plan where you can apply this process to your own work. **SPACE IS LIMITED: SIGN UP NOW***


Initial Thoughts on Change by Design

rethinked*annex Design Thinking Kickoff 

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