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Day 05/09/2012

Getting started…* 2012-2013

We are getting started with the school year and that means that the rethinked team is becoming active. Elsa Fridman is starting her experiment in living ideas through the rethinked*annex. The rethinked team (Carmen James, Ronah Harris, Jean-Pierre Jacquet and Joy Hurd) are starting their consulting projects with teachers at Riverdale. After all our thinking and reading this summer, it is great to get active. I am working with IDEO and Parsons to get the Design Thinking for Educators conference organized and planned for October 19-20th at Riverdale and Parsons. We hope that will be a great experience for all attendees.

As always, the start of the school year allows for rethinking one’s assumptions, starting anew and making resolutions. It is great to work in schools where this opportunity exists to rethink afresh every September…* Wishing you all the best as we get going.

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