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Day 04/09/2012

rethinked*annex ~ Design Thinking Kickoff

Drumroll please: the design thinking stage of rethinked*annex has officially begun!

The next four weeks will be spent in the discovery/brainstorming stages of the three month Design Thinking cycle. This is a time to learn more about design thinking–its key players, key detractors, successful case studies, etc. A time to learn from experts and novices alike; a time to engage in authentic conversations and research as to what design thinking is and what it can become.

In terms of conducting this research I am planning on starting by making use of the amazing virtual crash course in design thinking resources over on the website. There is a recommended reading list of books on the design thinking process, which I will be reading throughout the next three months of the design thinking phases of rethinked*annex. I hope to round out my individual research with conversations about design thinking with as wide a range of diverse people as possible.

The aim is that by the end of these four weeks I will feel ready and capable of implementing tools and concepts from design thinking to my own daily life. The implementation phase will last a total of six weeks and I am hoping to work my way up from simple tangible problems (such as, for example, rethinking how I organize things in my home) to more nuanced and abstract ones (relationships, neighborhood/community issues or dreams).

After the implementation/prototyping phase, I will spend the next two weeks reflecting on my experiences with the design thinking process, what worked, what didn’t, what I learned and how DT has (hopefully) changed my stance about the world and my place within it. This will also be a time to outline future iterations of prototypes built over the implementation phase and, if I do end up doing a community/neighborhood design thinking project, it will be an opportunity to delineate further steps moving forward.

I will be providing a status update each week, here on our blog, on what I have accomplished the week before and what I am hoping to get done for the coming week. I am also hoping to do a salon type of meeting in the hopes of taking the wonderful virtual conversations going on about design thinking out into the physical world. I am planning on going to a park, bringing a sunflower to be easily recognizable, (hopefully being able to get some other rethinked team members), perhaps a picnic and engage in discussions surrounding design thinking all day with anyone interested in joining the conversation. I will provide you with more details on this as soon as I sort out the logistics and let you know the place and date here on our blog as well as on our Twitter and Facebook.

Comments, questions and obsessions welcome as always.

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