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Day 31/05/2012

Prototypes Continued…

Day 2 of prototyping is complete!  The students are almost finished with their designs and ready for end user feedback.

There are 4 groups of students working on designing a new classroom chair.  The girls below are adding arm rests and cushioning to their chair.  They are in the process of adding privacy flaps to their chair.

This group of girls have added a variety of tools necessary for students to complete classroom assignments.  From a storage bin for class supplies to speakers for hearing teacher instruction, these girls embraced functionality in their design.

These boys are also re-designing a classroom chair.  They incorporated cushioning, a coat hook and a camel back water bottle built into the back of the chair.

Below is a group of students working on a new chair that is more comfortable but incorporates privacy and personal space.  Equipped with a  light shade, storage bin and a display board for art work.

This group of students are hard at work creating a new desk that is functional and provides privacy for individual work time.  They have created privacy shields that can fold open when a student wants to work alone.

These boys and girls are creating a new space for the classroom.  As our space is limited, this group created a reading loft that would not only create more space, but add a comfortable place to relax and read.  The students decided to build book shelves into the loft which would eliminate the book shelves taking up valuable classroom space.

This group is as well creating a reading loft for the classroom.  They too embraced the idea of saving classroom space by building the book shelves into the stair case leading up to the reading loft.

Check back soon for pictures of the students presenting their prototypes to current third graders.



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