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Day 24/11/2011


rethinking is not about change…necessarily. It is about rethinking one’s assumptions. It is about understanding one’s biases and preconceptions. Rethinking is not a radical change in the way one lives or works, but it is a process whereby the status quo is challenged. Let’s rethink!

brainstorming rules…

DEFER JUDGMENT Don’t dismiss any ideas.
BUILD ON THE IDEAS OF OTHERS No “buts,” only “ands”.
ENCOURAGE WILD IDEAS Embrace the most out-of-the-box notions because they can be the key to solutions.
GO FOR QUANTITY Aim for as many new ideas as possible.
STAY FOCUSED ON THE TOPIC Always keep the discussion on target.
ONE CONVERSATION AT A TIME No interrupting, no dismissing, no disrespect, no rudeness.

taken from IDEO’s brainstorming rules

…contrary to what one might imagine there are rules for brainstorming…and yet, how difficult is it to follow these rules…

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